Greetings everypony!

We are happy to present you a new and cozy convention — PonyRadioCon, which is brought you by RadioEveryponyRu and RuBronyCon team who have 5 years of organizing Russian MLP conventions. In 2015 RuBronyCon had more than 1500 attendees. These guys are serious and they know their job.



The said event will take place on April 30th 2016 in Cultural Center of GlavUpDK under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on Ulofa Palme St, 5


This festival is a territory of friendship and everypony are allowed to enter, be it a little little filly/colt or a brutal bearded biker pony.


Anypony can find activities they like or wish to master!

-A workshops, where you can draw, glue or whatever you need to create art
-A concert, tons of music and fan animation!
-Hugs, cupcakes and cookies with milk
-Roleplay, tabletop and other games
-Making new friends
-Posters, badges, keychains AND PLUSHIES from our craftsponies
-An Auction with unique stuff from brony culture




This festival is made for every age group, 18+ content is not allowed, please behave yourself.

Festival and attendess will be protected by Brony Security Force


e-mail: [email protected]